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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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first look at the suspect accused of a violent crime spree beating a woman then carjacking two people. why it's not with a law. >> if it's on a recall list, don't drive it. we are talking about takata airbags and the urgent message for drivers in florida. that's at 5:00. artists say they are fighting hate with paint and brushes. their new memorial to pulse nightclub victims may not be in orlando for long.
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we have those stories and more coming up. first ivan has a look at the forecast and hopefully the weather will be nice. >> it will be a fantastic weekend. it will feel finally like fall. we are a month late but we will get to it and this weekend. 70 tampa and clearwater. mid-70s in st. pete. not representative of what we have as far as the temperature because we are near the water that will be the case as the cold air moves in. much colder interior north. if you hate the cold air, head out to the beach this weekend next to the water there. as far as temperatures today, one last day of mid-80s. we won't see this for several days here. we will talk about how cold we get saturday and especially sunday morning in a couple of minutes. good morning, everybody. heading out the door on this friday, a couple of crashes to
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major delays. a crash i-4 westbound after hillsborough. you can see they have moved the crash to the side there. so, not causing problems out there. a crash on the 275 southbound ramp on i-4. it's right there. looks like the tow truck is on site. it shouldn't cause any problems at the morning rush hour. other than that, no major crashes or break downs. follow me on the morning. two minutes after 5:00. breaking news in sarasota county. a woman struck by a hit and run driver tuesday night has died. we found out 61-year-old lynn taylor passed away at the hospital. a driver struck her tuesday night at the intersection of mobile and gulf gate drive. breaking overnight in orlando, a mural unveiled at
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the people killed and injured in the june massacre. it was created by mr. brain wash. he and his team spent weeks making it. it features the colors of the rainbow with the words i am, we are, let's be. the mural will stay at pulse for as long as people want to see it there. it could also travel the country or world. we are getting the first look at a man that he is accused of beating a woman at a spa then trying to carjack two people. we got a mugshot of ralph forte. he admitted to attacking an employee wednesday then threatening two drivers. they found out he served time in prison for grand theft auto, grand theft and forgery. the woman had to have surgery
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because of faulty takata airbags. the inflorida tore shattered during a crash. we are taking action to keep you and your family safe. lindsay logue joins us now. that woman's car was recalled. did she get it fixed? >> reporter: dan, she didn't. it's important to note she was driving a car considered to be in the high urgency class her 2001 honda civic, another one of the tens of thousands of vehicles like this one with a recalled takata airbag inside in the driver's seat or passenger seat. the recall list continues to grow. this is the largest safety recall in u.s. history. already 11 deaths in the u.s. alone. it's important to know that humidity makes serb cars more dangerous. the airbags in some older model
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i want to show you a list of the cars considered to be in the high urgency class. one of the models that that woman in california was driving. dealerships are replacing the defective airbags for free. a problem we are seeing and much like the owner of this vehicle here is the backlog. the dealerships are waiting for the replacement parts to come in to fix the defective vehicles. later this morning we plan on making calls to long will it take tampa dealerships to fix your airbag. in the meantime, head to our web site and double check, triple check to see if your vehicle is on this ever growing recall list. live in tampa -- lindsay logue. they are making final preparations as the start of early voting for the general
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counties. voting in hardee, highlands and pasco begins a week from tomorrow. we posted the early voting locations at y 2016. donald trump hasn't held back on his disdane for the media and walked out on an interview with a reporter. >> you racist, a sexist. >> thank you very much. >> how do you respond to that. >> i am the left racist person you met. >> trump didn't let her finish before walking off. this happened before he addressed a crowd in ohio. many trump will be in tampa monday if you want to see him. we have a link to the event details. tickets are still available. we are learning about another shift in his campaign right now. his national political director jim murphy is no longer playing
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that is according to sources. he was key in setting up key programs in battleground states. the latest e-mail dump from wikileaks shows messages from president obama shortly before he was elected. the e-mails were apparently hacked from john podesta. one of the e-mails with the subject line diversity is about potential cabinet choices listing potential african- american candidates. another e-mail reached president obama before the election was called in his favor. that was about what obama might hear from president george w. bush in a phone call. the president is hard at work on the campaign trail. in miami he didn't just stir up support for hillary clinton but took aim at marco rubio for his support of donald trump.
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artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says and then say but i'm still going to vote for him. come on, man. >> the president slammed rubio's record on climate change. rubio has denied climate change in the past. rubio is going after patrick murphy for his support of hillary clinton. >> her, not pointed a finger at her or -- >> according to a poll this week, the senate race between rubio and murphy is too close to call right now. the latest numbers show rubio with a 2 point lead well within the margin of error. st. pete continues to make plans for redeveloping the tropicana field site should the
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the architectural team includes keeping i-175. not many people are thrilled with demolishing it. living in a city has a lot of perks. there is one health draw back. mental health professionals say people living in city limits have more stress, traffic, air pollution and crowded streets can cause people limits to have more stress. experts say go to the park. get out of your car, walking or biking to work is better for your physical and mental health. finally, be aware of your environment. mindfully observing the area around you can help reduce stress by restoring a sense of control. weeks after hurricane matthew struck some people in the bahamas, they don't have
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from tampa electric. 20 workers are on their way to grand bahama island. they will work in an area where every customer lost service, more than 19,000 people. in some areas, the electrical system has to be rebuilt from the ground up. >> haiti not fairing that much better. one of the strongest hurricanes we have seen. as far as the conditions now, it's very quiet. we have a cold front moving through. we lose we are in much better shape. look at the temperatures falling into the 40s across the southeast. cool temps on the way for us in a couple of minutes. coming up, a social media star's death is blamed on her chiropractor. the questions being raised. five minutes from the safety of her school. a 13-year-old kidnapped off the street and raped in massachusetts by a man police
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we have horrifying news from massachusetts where police say a teenager walking to school was dragged right off the streets and sexually assaulted. officers say 21-year-old angel mateo grabbed the victim yesterday morning a few minutes from her school. the victim tells police she was held for more than two hours
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>> the victim reports having been forcibly dragged from the street into a second floor apartment. >> the teen ran to school where 911 was called. mateo was arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated statutory rape. he was on probation and wearing an ankle bracelet. a trip to the chiropractor is blamed for killing an online celebrity known as the queen of snapchat. an autopsy revealing katie may died from complications after a neck adjustment. the former playboy model hurt her neck during a photo shoot. she went to a chiropractor for an adjustment. it didn't help. she was going to go back for another. >> i tell them don't touch my neck. >> apparently she had a stroke.
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died. the los angeles county coroner listed the cause of the injury as neck manipulation by chiropractor. the california board of chiropractic examiners won't say if it has received a complaint about the particular chiropractor. the mayo clinic says visiting a chiropractor is safe unless you have presifting conditions. a new app could save lives in it used computer files to predict where wildfires will burn. it allows firefighters to put resources where they are needed and get people in the path of a fire out faster. good morning. friday looks good. we are talking about the cold front moving in but remember today still warm this afternoon and even into tonight. if you have evening plans, you
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jackets. it's later overnight and especially tomorrow morning when we wake up we get in the fall temperatures. we will have 40s out there. 70 in tampa. 74 st. pete. the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. you can see 72 in pensacola. the front is not here quit yet. it will move through st. louis then georgia, alabama and eventually head into our direction tonight. titan is quiet. the front moving through will not move through with rainfall. it will be quiet. the front passes except for the wind that will pick up out of the northwest. then the cold air lags behind. it's tonight and tomorrow morning we get into the chilly temperatures. a nice day today. warm. a lot of sunshine. a few clouds. mid-to-upper 80s. then overnight the temperatures tumble along with the humidity. by saturday morning we have 50s forecast. a few upper 40s. a breeze.
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we are going to -- skipping fall in a way, right? chilly stuff. now, the difference, we will recover through the afternoon. not stuck in the 50s or 60s. near 80 by saturday and sunday afternoons. today 85. typical this time of year. then saturday and sunday, despite the cold start, we are looking at full sunshine. that will help big time by the afternoons, upper 70s. then we average for this time of year into next week. heading out the door from palmetto into st. pete, expect construction on the sunshine skyway. you can see it here. cameras are shaky. an arrow and outside lane is blocked. traffic is light so no delays across the sunshine skyway and they typically will have that cleared by the early morning rush hour. great across the howard frankland. about eight minutes to get
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less than ten across the courtney campbell and the gandy this morning. >> thanks, janelle. still ahead, we can't make this stuff up. the new concern about sexism and pet halloween costumes. >> reporter: in techbytes fake apple accessories on amazon. >> nine out of ten of the chargers were fake and possibly unsafe. amazon is no longer carrying the products. amazon is not named in the
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nintendo switch. the handheld console is the successor to the wii u. it launches in march. no official word on price but it is expected to be around $300. >> kodak is switching the focus to smartphones with the new extra. >> it features a 20 megapixel camera. no date when it will be
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you know, just this week we told you about professional clowns complaining that the creepy clown phenomenon is hurting their business. now a clown in pennsylvania was a target of car thieves. >> police on a chase. the puppet and clown makeup from the car were gone and the thief hasn't told police where they went. she is known professionally as jo jo the clown. jingles the monkey has been part of her act for decades and she is having trouble coping with the loss. >> i don't know what they did
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know. >> jo jo searched the side of every road between her house and where the chase ended hoping to spot it. americans spend $350 million on halloween costumes on their pets. >> "the washington post" is raising a new concern, one that you probably never thought of? is your pet halloween costume sexist. >> never thought of it. >> the paper pointed out that petsmart let's you search costumes by girl or boy. while the triceratops is gender neutral the pink cow girl is gender specific. it pointed out that police costumes are more prominent for boy dogs. coming up, the rite of passage that could put college students in danger. now concerns over study abroad programs. >> the scam that seniors in
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is the islamic state
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militants held up in a city 100 miles from mosul. a young woman's lifeless body found in the middle of the street in a tampa neighborhood. ahead in a live report, the clues investigators are revealing about the case this morning. >> here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> boos and laughter. you will hear from donald and hillary clinton like never before trying to make people laugh. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaver. the forecast on this friday, we are anticipating a fantastic fall like weekend here in florida. >> fall weekend, absolutely. a month later. 70 in tampa. 70 clearwater and in st. pete, 74. good morning to you. clear skies. we will stay mostly sunny


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